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How to File and Qualify for SSI or SSD benefits in Michigan

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Are you incapable of working?

In order to meet the requirements for Supplemental Security Insurance or Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Administration requires that you be qualified as disabled.

There are normally a lot of questions concerning how Social Security defines disability.

The Social Security Act defines disability as the “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.”

This means that you have to be disabled and not capable to work for a year or more, or have a serious or even a life-threatening condition.

How Social Security Determines If You Have a Legitimate Disability

There are 5 types of investigations that the Social Security Administration uses to conclude if you have a disability:

  1. Your recent inability to work.

If you are earning more than a certain amount each month, you will not meet the requirements for disability.

You may be able to work a small amount, but it is better to talk about any work that you may be considering with an expert social security attorney first, rather than discover that it’s too late and that you no longer meet the requirements to receive needed benefits.

  1. The severity of your medical condition

It is imperative to note that there are numerous circumstances that are not on the list that might qualify for a disability.

In all cases it is the severity of the situation and whether it extensively limits your capacity to work that might determine your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits.

Severity is most often calculated by your ability to do basic necessary elements of activity such as walking, sitting, standing and remembering simple tasks or information.

  1. The List of Impairments

Social Security has a list of impairments that they use as the basis for determining the legitimacy of your disability.

There are numerous conditions on the list, including conditions that affect your skin, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and GI tract.

Social Security also includes neurological issues and mental health situations on this list.

  1. Your ability to do the work that you have done in the past.

Social Security looks at whether your circumstances affect your ability to do the work you have done in the past. This grows in magnitude as you get older.

  1. Your ability to do any sort of work duties.

If you cannot give the effort on the job that you have given in the past, the government will make a decision as to whether or not you can be expected to complete other types of labor tasks.

This determination is based on age, physical condition and many other additional factors.

Find Out if You Qualify for Benefits in Michigan

If you are not capable of working for at least a year due to a physical or mental disability then you might be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. A large range of conditions, injuries and illnesses are considered to be eligible.

Our attorneys at Social Security Counseling Center can assist you to establish if you meet the requirements, as well as assist you in your claim. If you suffer from a physical or mental disability, call Social Security Counseling Center now for a quick discussion about your claim today.

Before your claim is filed! Make sure to get help BEFORE you file. You can talk to a member of our staff for a cost free overview of what to expect.

We will then determine how to file your claim. We will also find the differences and similarities between the two disability programs available through the social security system and whether you are eligible for one or both of them.

You will need a lawyer or advocate to successfully navigate the system to determine what evidence you will need and how to properly estimate your monthly benefit for you or your family.

We will discuss the non-disability requirements for each program and if we feel you need an experienced lawyer at the start of the claim then we can have a candid discussion about how the we are paid without any up-front costs or fees required.

Having an experienced attorney counsel you at the beginning can definitely help you to avoid many costly mistakes that could permanently affect your benefits.

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