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If you are denied Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplementary Security Income (SSI) benefits, we will help you pursue the back benefits and monthly checks that you may be entitled to.


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Can You Apply For Disability Benefits When You Lose Your Job?

If you lost your job or unable to find stable work due to a physical or mental condition, you and your family may be eligible for disability benefits to help you in this difficult time.  However, just because you lost your job doesn’t necessarily mean you are guaranteed disability coverage.

Social Security Disability coverage is meant exclusively for those who lost their career or salaried job due to physical or mental conditions that damage their ability to find stable work. We highly recommend that any individuals, who have had their ability to work taken away by significant health issues, should absolutely consider filing for the social security disability program.

It is important to remember that the social security disability program is a full coverage program that doesn’t cover temporary or partial disabilities or short-term job loss. These programs are exclusively for those who lose their ability to work for at least a year or more and are left with few options to support themselves or their families.

Without a stable source of income recovery can be made even more difficult than it needs to be.  The legal team at the Social Security Counseling Center can help ensure that you have access to the safety net and compensation you may be entitled to.

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What You Can expect from Social Security Disability Attorney Mark A. Aiello?

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First, there is never a charge for consultation. Call as much as you wish and ask all of the questions that come to mind. You will not be charged.

Our pledge to you includes:

Return all phone calls within 24 hours.

Assist with payment issues AFTER the case is won. Many attorneys leave the client on his or her own after the fee is paid but we will always be there for you.

Provide guidance on attempting to work without jeopardizing benefits.

Assist with continuing disability review issues.


Expert Social Security Disability (SSD) Legal Advice

Filing For Social Security Disability or SSI? Filing For Both? Our SSDI attorneys can help you file for benefits. Call to discuss your situation with us today.

Here are some things you must do BEFORE filing a claim.

Call the Counseling Center and speak to one of our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys before filing your claim.

Have a plan BEFORE you file. An early mistake can have lasting effects.

Speak with your treating doctor(s) to make sure they support your claim for disability. Verify any information the SSA gave you by calling our Center.

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Attorney Cliff Weisberg and his staff can help you file the correct paperwork with the Social Security Administration Office in your area.

What our clients say about us

We appreciate the opportunity to help you get the benefits you deserve

Mr. Weisberg is  extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to navigating SSI  procedures. If it wasn't for Mr. Weisberg I am confident I never would have  been accepted for disability.

James Luckey

Cliff was very knowledgeable about the whole process! He was always available to answer any and all of my questions. I would highly recommend him!

Julie Tarcha Frayne

Great job by Cliff. His advice, responsiveness and approach were outstanding.

Tom and Carol Switalski

I am so very pleased with my experience here. Mr. Weisberg was patience and always pleasant. I hardly ever spoke with his staff as I completed all paperwork in a timely fashion. I would definitely give this law center 5 stars. Mr. Weisberg I really appreciate your hard work on my behalf

Stacey C.

I started my case in 2019 with Cliff Weisberg from day one up to this day now hands down the best service ever. Great staff great communication whether through phone, email or mail. I recommend this company you won't be disappointed. Very knowledgeable. I just stumbled across this company through Google and I am glad I did the first conversation I had with Cliff I knew this was the right company for me to work with!!

Shantale S

Cliff has been a  fantastic lawyer for me. He was immediately very attentive to my needs and  was able to advise me on the best course of action to get disability. He won  my case for disability on the first attempt and has been very responsive to  my questions even after winning the case.

Nicholas Gulliver

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Michigan Social Security Disability Attorney

Are you thinking about applying, have already applied, or have been denied?

Let Cliff answer any questions you may have regarding a disability claim through Social Security. Let us help you get the disability benefits you need. Call us for a Free Confidential Consultation.

If you are disabled and have been denied for Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits we can help you get the benefits that you deserve!

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contact our attorneys with any questions you may have about your social security disability case

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