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The Importance of Working with Your Doctors to File Your Social Security Disability Case in Michigan

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Maintaining Up to Date Medical Records

When it comes to your claim, Social Security will use several forms of information such as your own testimony, the input and findings of your doctor, the opinion of a job placement expert, as well as several others to determine whether they grant your claim.

However, the most vital piece of information Social Security will use to deny or grant your claim is your medical records. While Social Security will examine several forms of evidence the most vital will be medical records which are created and sustained by your doctor.

Because of this it is incredibly important that you visit your personal doctor regularly, as well as updating your doctor on the severity of your symptoms.

Primary Care Physicians and Specialists

During the time of your claim Social Security may ask you to visit one of their preferred doctors once or more. It is important to still see your own doctor in order to assure that all medical evidence needed to prove your case is reported to Social Security.

In order to provide the strongest evidence for your Social Security Disability claim it is vital to have your own personal doctor that you see regularly before and during your claim.

The first doctor that you see should be primary care physician or family doctor that can refer you to a more specialized doctor that can treat and document your symptoms.

For example, if your case involves anxiety or depression your family doctor can refer you to a specialist such as a therapist to treat your condition and document your symptoms. This specialist can provide more effective care as well as give a more accurate report to Social Security than your family doctor.

Be sure to schedule appointments with your doctor as often and regularly as you deem appropriate. It is vital to attend these appointments or reschedule if there is no way that you can attend the appointment.

If you miss appointments and your medical records are filled with no shows it will give Social Security a sense that you are not complying with your doctor’s advice and treatment.

It is possible that your doctor will feel that your condition will not improve and that there is not anything they can do to treat you further. In this case you may ask the doctor to refer you to another doctor that may be able to treat you.

Even if your doctor believes that no other doctor or specialist can treat you make sure to schedule 2 to 3 appointments a year. This is important to continuously document your condition and give a more accurate report to Social Security.

It is also recommended to seek a second opinion to see if another doctor feels differently. These steps will make it difficult for Social Security to deem your condition not serious.

Follow Medical Advice

It is vital to your disability claim that you listen to and comply with the medical advice given to you by your doctor. Some of this advice may include referrals to other specialist, dietary and lifestyle changes, taking prescribed medications, as well as others.

In the case that you experience side effects from the medication prescribed to you by your doctor, be sure to report these side effects to your doctor’s office as soon as possible.

Be sure to notify your doctor if you are experiencing trouble paying for your medications, specialist visits, or medical testing. You and your doctor may be able to find a more affordable alternative, contact your insurance, or find other programs that can assist you.

In the case that you have concerns or disagree with your doctor’s orders, be sure to discuss this with your physician or seek a second opinion. Do not entirely disregard your doctor’s advice without discussing the advice with your doctor or seeking a second opinion as this could put your claim in serious jeopardy and make it difficult for your doctor to support you.

While it isn’t technically required, your doctor’s support can be a fantastic addition to your claim and will help to prove your condition to Social Security.

Keep Your Doctor Up to Date

Make sure to keep your physician accurately up to date on all of your symptoms related to your condition. In between appointments, you should call your doctor’s office to report any current symptoms that have worsened and/or any new symptoms that develop, or make a note so that you do not forget to tell your doctor during your next appointment.

If you develop any severe or possibly fatal symptoms, be sure to notify your doctor immediately. At every appointment be sure to notify your doctor of any symptoms you have developed or experienced before your current visit.

It is important to document all symptoms no matter even if you think you may be repeating yourself or that your doctor already knows what is going on.

In the case that you fail to mention a symptom of your condition, it is possible that your doctor will document an improvement of your condition which makes it more likely that Social Security to believe the same if your medical records do not accurately reflect the severity of your condition.

All of your medical records are an important tool that helps to prove the severity of your condition and strengthen you’re your claim to Social Security Disability.

It is up to you to maintain a positive and professional relationship with all of your physicians, to make sure that you are in communication with them regarding your condition, seeing the proper specialists, and keeping your appointments.

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